Celiacs on vacation: the gluten free in the hotel

Taking a leisure or business trip or a holiday can be not so easy when you have celiac disease: not all hotels guarantee a gluten free proposal in their menu that contains products of quality and certificates at the same time.

Until a few years ago, the only solution for those who suffer from celiac disease was to organize themselves with meals made at home, so as not to run the risk of finding themselves in a facility not equipped for celiacs.

Today, fortunately, there are many hotels and structures that guarantee, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, different menu proposals also suitable for those who must eat gluten-free. Thanks to the offer of gluten-free products, it is possible to request the kitchen for the most suitable products and to enjoy your holiday peacefully without worrying about meals or the risks of unsuitable products.


In order to offer this type of menu, the tourist structures need to stock up on gluten-free products for hotels and b & bs specially designed for breakfasts, lunches and dinners: quick to prepare and excellent to taste!

PizzaMI offers a wide selection of ingredients and products for hotels, perfect for welcoming and satisfying guests who prefer to choose a gluten-free menu in the hotel.

From the mix of flour for pasta and pizza, naturally gluten-free and lactose-free, to the pizza bases also in BIO and Vegan versions, our products are designed for hotels that want to offer products suitable for every request. And we never forget the tradition! We have in fact made several typically Italian products, such as the Pugliese calzone, the puccia and the pinsa romana… always strictly gluten-free!

Also, for those looking for a product to be offered daily to families and children, pre-cooked frozen mini-sandwiches are ideal for creating small stuffed sandwiches in buffets.

The holiday must be relaxing and not a source of stress for a celiac: knowing before leaving that you can rely on a specialized and safe cuisine is essential for a holiday to be lived in total relax.

Discover our gluten free products for hotels: you can offer your customers everything they need to make the most of every holiday!