Pinsa: how to topping and customize?

Pinsa: how to topping and customize?


Pinsa Pizzami, for the Ho.re.ca. channel, is available as a base for topping. By now everything is known about Pinsa, thanks to its popularity: it is a food very similar to pizza but smaller in size, with an irregular, oval shape.

Moreover, our dough, thanks to the addition of extra virgin olive oil, gives our gluten-free Pinsa that ‘bubbly’ appearance that has made it famous the world over.
By now, establishments serving pinsa (known as ‘pinserie’) are widespread all over the world but, at the same time, how can we guarantee an all-encompassing experience starting with the basic pinsa? In short: pinsa, how to make it?

Well, let’s start right away by telling you that to stuff your pinsa, all you have to do is give free rein to your imagination.

You can therefore widely indulge your imagination with the ingredients to be used to season your pinsa:

  • a good Genoese pesto, a cube of primosale and some Maldon salt – for a classy, summery and very fresh pinsa;
  • a spread of squacquerone cheese and a curl of prosciutto crudo on each crostino (if you serve it cut, or two whole slices if you serve it in its classic form) – a funny pinsa, which tastes of Romagna;
  • brushed with melted butter, a tartare of salmon or tuna and avocado cubes, with a finish of extra virgin olive oil – an exotic pinsa that is never dull.

And if summer is still far away?

  • Stracciatella cheese, sausage and caramelised onion – great for festive occasions, with a village festival aroma;
  • a cream of margarine and garlic, parsley as if it were raining – to recreate a taste much loved in Nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries, the famous Garlic Bread;
  • A simple but ingenious combination: 100% Italian tomatoes and lactose-free mozzarella, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a lot of Italian flair. This is our Pinsa Margherita Pizzami, available for the Retail channel, also in Private Label!

However, we would like to remind you that there are no rules for topping  your gluten-free pinsa! Whichever combination you think you will use as a condiment, it will be fine as the result you will always get will be delicious!

And you, what flavours do you offer in your restaurants?