Since 2015, Agenda 2030, the document that outlines 17 sustainable development goals, also called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), framed in an action programme of 169 targets, has been in force.
These outline goals to be achieved in the environmental, economic, social and institutional spheres by 2030.

Alongside actions in the social, civil and economic spheres, a large part is dedicated to environmental sustainability: responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, clean and affordable energy, sustainable cities and communities, combating climate change, life under water and life on earth.
Achieving these targets is essential to ensure that all of us, our children and grandchildren, can enjoy a quality of life characterised by well-being and growth.
The alternative should not and cannot be contemplated, and the time to implement all these virtuous changes is not infinite.

We asked a question: what can PizzaMI do to fulfil its social duty and be sustainable in most of its processes?
Sustainability is a primary focus for PizzaMi and we are acting on two paths: production and final product.
For production, a lot goes into waste reduction and the recycling of packaging: PizzaMI has implemented zero waste from the packaging of raw liquid materials (e.g. micro-filtered seawater tanks, oil tanks, etc.) so as not to generate plastic waste, which is highly impactful for the environment.

Another virtuous key is the reduction of PizzaMI production waste, thanks to the optimisation of our machines and production processes, which led to the emission of 0.01% production waste in the entire production cycle.

A further and fundamental step is, for companies in the Food sector, the complete adherence to Food Packaging Plastic Free, the complete elimination of plastic from packs and packaging: it will no longer be a choice but a duty towards our earth and our health, we are running out of time and the actions to reduce plastic consumption are now. PizzaMI has developed the first complete packaging (with graphics and all the information normally found on pizza boxes) that can be fired and is 100% plastic-free. In addition, we use, thanks to our printing partners, cases and boxes made of over 90% recycled paper.

All these actions, together with the push for differentiated waste collection which, in our municipality (Parma) has very high implementation rates (over 80%), are only the beginning of a path that will lead us towards full environmental and corporate sustainability. Many things still need to be done, starting with the exponential increase of renewable energy sources, the reduction of the Carbon Footprint, a logistics and transport management based on Green and no longer on fossil fuels, the use of locally available raw materials and therefore not travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometres. But PizzaMI wants to do, more and more, its part to contribute to the reversal of a destructive trend towards the resources and energies of this little blue planet of ours, which we call Earth but which really should be called by its true name: home.