We can customize the recipe of gluten-free products destined to private labels, following the customer’s needs and keeping at the same time those characteristics that distinguish us from others: the absence of gluten, lactose, gums (xanthan, guar, cmc) that are normally present in other products of the same market, the use of patented machines for the dough that simulate human action and a long leavening process (48 hours) to guarantee and maintain a unique fragrance in the finished product.

We consider essential that our products have the same characteristics on all distribution channels. The finished products can be ORGANIC (BIO), VEGAN Ready and refrigerated as well as the possibility of having Kosher certification (upon request).


We offer the possibility to customize the packaging according to the customer who decides to take advantage of our products. In addition to its coordinated corporate image/label, we are also meeting needs related to dimensions.

Our packs can have specific dimensions according to costumers’ needs.


We offer the possibility of customize the dough without gluten, that will always maintain its fundamental characteristics. Its uniqueness is further enhanced by the use of two very valuable products: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and sea water. The oil is rich in substances useful to our body: omega 3 and 6, vitamins, calcium, iron and antioxidant properties. Sea water which is rich in mineral salts such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The customization of the gluten-free dough adds quality and uniqueness, a way to differentiate oneself from others and have a personal identity.


We serve these channels with the same products but in different ways.


Our gluten-free products are prepared to be distributed at hotels, restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, bars, catering and all businesses (even small or micro businesses) which are included into the HORECA category.


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We also serve retail sales and large-scale retail trade: stores, supermarkets and businesses that purchase in large quantities and sell via physical stores and online retail.


On our Production section you can see the features with which they are distributed.