Today, 5th of June, is the World Environment Day!

Today, 5th of June, is the World Environment Day!

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5, established by the United Nations in 1972 in Stockholm at the first U.N. Conference on the Environment, where the Declaration was adopted that defined the 26 principles on the rights of the environment and human responsibilities for its preservation.

This year’s Day is dedicated to finding solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

The call running on social media is #BeatPlasticPollution: defeat plastic pollution.

Although this year’s focus points toward the use of plastic in tourism, we cannot forget that even in the Food sector, plastic, especially for primary packaging, plays the leading role; just look in supermarkets where, among packaging in the strangest shapes and the most garish colors, plastic is the undisputed protagonist. Not to mention that, even in paper and cardboard packaging, we often encounter product packaging wrapped in plastic (such as frozen pizzas).

More and more often we hear about “sustainable packaging,” “green packaging,” and “circular” packaging-a series of concepts directly associated with the idea of the packaging “of the future,” which in the view of consumers should be increasingly functional, responsible, and environmentally friendly.

PizzaMi, in reiterating that a change in the habits of both companies and consumers is imperative, is traveling in the direction of sustainable packaging and Plastic-Free with a series of expedients that, although they do not solve 100% of the problem, certainly help the environment.

Our packaging is created with 98 % recycled papers from sustainable sources, FSC® certified, processed and finished without the use of pollutants.
We are increasing the use of bakeable paper flowpack to be used instead of the more common plastic flowpack. This solution in particular will be the way forward, especially in the Gluten Free field:

  • It guarantees the non-contamination of gluten free products, both for the Ho.re.ca. channel and at home, with our PizzaMi brand pizzas or private label products;
  • It cuts down the use of plastic in the flowpack in contact with the food;
  • It can also cut down the use of paper, as the paper flowpack can serve, on its own, as the primary packaging, by applying the client company’s graphics on it.

In Europe, more and more customers are positively influenced toward buying products with environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, alternative materials to plastic that can compete with fossil-based raw materials and can provide better performance, as well as reduced environmental impact.

For 41% of consumers, packaging is the first sustainability factor on which a brand is evaluated. This means that packaging becomes the key element to pay attention to when evaluating brand reputation and image return.

However, the tool considered most powerful in influencing environmentally sustainable behavior by consumers and businesses remains policy choice.

This is why PizzaMi believes 100% in sustainable packaging, the only solution that can create the least environmental impact:

  • because “natural” in materials (recyclable, compostable or biodegradable).
  • because “respectful” of the environment, designed to minimize CO2 emissions and optimize overall environmental performance.
  • because “functional” and able to limit the weight and volume of packaging to the minimum necessary to ensure the level of safety and hygiene to protect the consumer.
  • because “educational,” easy to dispose of and able to properly inform the consumer.
  • because “forward-looking” and designed to have a “second life” after use.

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