Why include gluten-free dishes in your restaurant menu?

Breakfast at the bar, lunch break, aperitif, lunch or dinner out are events that are not easy to give up.

However, sometimes for people with celiac disease choosing a restaurant can be complicated.

Of course, today there are many restaurants that have equipped themselves over time with explicitly gluten free menus or proposals to satisfy the requests of celiac customers, but some have not yet updated their proposal.

It may happen that you find yourself eating in a place that does not have a specific  menu for celiacs, which undoubtedly creates discomfort for the celiac customer, reducing the possibility of choosing among the dishes on the menu.

In fact, there are so many products that contain gluten, such as pasta, pizza, some snacks for breakfast and foods in which gluten is added during the industrial transformation phase (sauces, ready meals, ice cream, meat and fish breaded and much more). For this reason, without a gluten-free menu, choosing becomes complex.

But we at PizzaMI have also thought of this: with our ready-to-use and frozen gluten-free products, you will always have many gluten-free dishes available in your kitchen!




That’s why, if you want to enrich your restaurant with the proposal of a 100% “Gluten Free” menu, our gluten-free and lactose-free products are a balanced and light answer, suitable even for the most demanding palates.

Among our products you will find:

  • Pizza dough ready to roll out, stuff and bake in the oven;
  • Pizza crusts vegetable-based;
  • Soft and delicious stuffed sandwiches;
  • Round focaccia, ideal for an aperitif that enhances the best traditional Italian recipes.

And so much more…

Our ready-made gluten-free products shorten preparation times and make your menu gluten-proof!

The times in which people intolerant to gluten had to give up the pleasure of going out to dinner is finally over: discover all the PizzaMI products designed for a winning gluten-free proposal in your restaurant!