Why seawater in our doughs?

Why seawater in our doughs?

Our world in a drop of water.

Let’s start with an absolute fact: seawater is good for us.

Even the Greeks 2000 years ago used seawater for their pite (a cousin of the kebab). The Romans for their pinsa (or Laganum), the ancestors of modern pizza.

After 2,000 years we are back to rediscover the reality: Seawater is much more than “water and salt,” there are trace elements such as chloride, sodium, calcium, sulfate, potassium and magnesium in large quantities.

It also contains 92 elements found on the periodic table, making this water one of the most complete foods on the planet.

At Pizzami, we prepare our 100% GLUTEN-FREE dough with micro-filtered Mediterranean Sea Water, which ensures less salt intake due to the natural saline presence in seawater.

100% gluten-free, 48 hours of natural leavening, premium ingredients and the sea inside.



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